5 Kitchen Nook Office Ideas for the Work-at-Home Mom

Vying for space with kids and kid-related clutter is a daily struggle. Stay-at-home “mompreneurs” and telecommuting moms battle sinks full of dishes, laundry piles, sticky counters and toys in every nook and cranny—not great for our sanity or work productivity! The kitchen nook is a great way to move one step closer to our goal of obtaining work-life balance when working from home.

Here are five kitchen nook workspace ideas for the work-at-home mom:

1. Maximize the space.

Our kitchens are the center of our family, where we gather to share the events of the day with good food and even better company. They’re also jam packed full of food stuffs and appliances. To make the most of the kitchen nook, utilize space-saving tools found at your area home improvement and mega stores, such as drawer organizers and rolling cabinets.

For a unique twist, use traditional kitchen supplies in place of the more traditional office organizers. Colorful mason jars full of pens, antique canisters with paperclips and dish racks with color-coded folders quickly become fun and unique decorative pieces that organize your nook and unify the space with the rest of the kitchen motif.

2. Capitalize on wall space.

Walls are the least utilize storage opportunities in your home. Above your table, counter or desktop, create a smart shelving unit to the top of the wall. These shelves can be eye-appealing and organization friendly. Next to space-saving storage baskets and containers, be sure to include decorative vases and picture frames to give it a homey feel.

3. Get smart with technology.

Technology offers some amazing ways to reduce the clutter that can make these little nooks feels jumbled and counterproductive. Use Bluetooth and wireless printers, mice and keyboards to keep the space wire-free. Space-saving computers, like laptops with docking stations and (even better) new tablets that have attachable keyboards, are perfect for connecting to our Internet lifeblood. Install a flat-panel TV with HDMI connections so you can connect your laptop for a second monitor and watch your favorite cooking show. Finally, to cut back on paper-related clutter, opt for digital file storage and collaboration with tools like Dropbox and Evernote.

4. Expand your home décor themes into the space.

The age-old issue with offices and workspaces is the formerly utilitarian masculine options in office décor. Finally, we ladies have some beautiful options to blend
our workspaces into the overall décor of the home. Wayfair.com is my favorite site for beautiful desks, office equipment, idea boards and desktop storage units in every style and trend. And, for deal-conscious work-at-home moms like me, they offer daily deals and a reward program so you get credit for every item you buy.

 5.  Invoke the “my space” rule.

If you let them, kids would creep into every square foot of your home with toys, homework, gadgets and general mess. Invoke what I call the “my space rule,” where kids are banned from a special area in the home so, well, we don’t lose our marbles. This rule, while great for your sanity, also instills the importance of respecting personal space within our kids. Take it a step further by asking them to choose their own personal area in the home, such as a bedroom or a rec area, that they can call their own.

I would love to see how you’ve blended design with usability in your home work station or kitchen nook. Share your pictures and tips here!

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