5 Tips From the Stars to Look Your Best During a Video Interview

Video interviews are one of the newest trends seen in the recruitment process―more than 60 percent of companies are using it. It expedites the interview process, making it a great advantage to recruiters and job seekers alike. Companies are able to quickly complete interviews, reduce the amount of time spent on finding candidates and significantly cut total cost per hire. Additionally, candidates feel more comfortable with the technology allowing them to better represent themselves.

There are certain things you should take into consideration when preparing for a video interview.

1.      Location, Location, Location.

More than likely you will be setting up for your interview somewhere in your home. Make sure your surroundings are clean and free of any clutter. Before your interview, position the camera to get a tight shot of your head and shoulders. Once the angle is right, try not to not move too much. Constantly moving the camera can cause a nauseating distraction to others.

If natural light isn’t enough, try a lamp. Place the lamp in different locations to see which works best. You want to avoid any unwanted shadows on your face.

If you don’t live alone, choose a room with a door and close it.  Let everyone know when and where you’re interviewing. You don’t want any unexpected visitors interrupting you.

Some conferencing tools, like iMeet, provide superior audio quality that allows you to see everyone on your call. When people speak in iMeet, their cube lights up so you always know who is talking. This is helpful when determining if your microphone is picking up any background noise. If it is, mute your line while you’re not speaking

2.      Prepare for the role.

Just like a face-to-face interview, you want to be well-informed about the company. Research the company’s history, mission, values and job description. If you know who is interviewing you beforehand, do a quick Google or LinkedIn search to learn more about them.

You also want to become familiar with the video conferencing technology. Sign-up for a free-trial and practice with your friends ahead of time.

3.      Dress the part.

Dress professionally from head to toe. Although you may only be seen from the waist up, it’s important you treat this as if it was a typical interview. If you keep your pajama pants on, you may find it too difficult to remain professional. You also want to avoid any bold patterns and colors that may not show up well on video.

4.      Be confident.

Video interviews allow you to stand-out early on. This is your chance to showcase your talents and prove to the recruiter you will be perfect for the job. Sit up straight and slightly lean towards the camera. This will show you are alert and interested. Look at the camera when answering all questions and don’t forget to smile.

5.      Be timely.

The golden rule is to show up 15 minutes early to an interview. This is not the case in video conferencing. If you arrive too early, you risk the chance of interrupting another meeting the recruiter is hosting. Don’t dial-in more than a couple of minutes early.

More and more companies are turning to video interviews for their recruiting needs. Just remember to treat a video interview with as much professionalism as you would an in-person interview. Stay focused, ask questions and don’t forget to follow-up with a thank you note.

Good luck!



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