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Bringing IR into the Modern Day with an Interactive Digital Annual Report

As EVP of Strategy and Communications at PGi, one of my primary roles is investor relations, which includes helping to create and deliver our annual report. Recently, my team and I leveraged our passion for innovation, our commitment to sustainability and our company’s technological expertise to transform our annual reports into interactive, digital documents, bringing an age-old corporate responsibility firmly into our modern digital age.

Pursuing Creative, Innovative Ways to Solve Business Challenges

Innovation is a watchword here at PGi—we live and breathe it, and we’re always looking for creative new ways to tackle the day-to-day problems of business professionals worldwide. This creativity is a core value of our business, and we leverage that spirit of innovation to connect businesses across the globe with our web and audio conferencing products. At PGi, we’re uniquely equipped to bring innovative technology to bear to provide a more intuitive and engaging IR experience, just as we’ve done with our suite of collaboration solutions, including iMeet®, GlobalMeet® and GlobalMeet® Audio.

Our interactive Digital Annual Report provides a permanent web home for our AR, wrapped in an easy-to-use navigation experience. All of the required documents, including the Proxy Statement and Form 10-K filing, are embedded directly into the report as digital documents and are available for instant download and review. And it’s all presented in a graphically rich environment for desktops and mobile devices, turning a corporate responsibility into a truly engaging experience for our shareholders, employees and customers.

Seeking Sustainable Business Practices

Social responsibility is a personal passion of mine. I have proudly served as both a board member and volunteer for a number of non-profit and philanthropic organizations throughout my career.  I am very fortunate to work for a company that not only shares my sensibilities and passions but that also acts accordingly; PGi is a regular contributor to and supporter of several charitable organizations.

At PGi, we bring this culture of responsible and sustainable practices to as many facets of our business as possible, and IR is no exception. Last year, we committed to creating our annual report digitally, which significantly reduced our paper consumption and the environmental impact of delivering thousands of hard-copy books, while at the same time enabling investors and all interested parties to consume our AR however they choose: on their laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. (An added plus: we also saved tens-of-thousands of dollars in the process!)

The PGi 2012 AR viewed on a smartphone.

Leveraging Technology in Intelligent Ways

While we constantly strive to develop new and innovative technology products, we also work hard to maintain balance, providing truly useful products rather than innovating merely for the sake of it.

In a recent interview, my friend and PGi’s Chief Technology Officer David Guthrie put it this way:

“…we have to deliver solutions that really work for our customers, not just technology that’s fun to look at or play with but that actually work and that solve business problems. We have to balance innovation with delivering the real-time service that can be trusted.”

When designing our digital annual report, we took the same approach; we weren’t creating a digital version just because we could, but rather to deliver a better experience for our shareholders and customers. Every feature, graphic and navigation element was specifically implemented to improve the overall experience and deliver all of the necessary and vital information about our company’s performance in the most efficient and effective way possible. By intelligently rather than haphazardly leveraging technology, we can tackle business challenges in truly impactful ways, whether it’s in our collaboration solutions, our investor communications or any other aspect of PGi’s business.

Interested in viewing PGi’s digital annual report for yourself? You can view our 2012 digital AR here.

About Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is PGi’s Chief Administrative Officer. He oversees the company’s Legal, HR and Program Management organizations and manages Corporate Development, M&A and Acquisition Integration. In addition, Mr. O’Brien leads Corporate Strategy, Executive Communications and Global Facilities Management.

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