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BYOD or Bust Part 1: Empowering Sales with Mobility

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is here, and it’s here to stay. Just two years ago, BYOD environments had already reached 40% enterprise penetration. There are, without question, unique challenges presented by allowing employees to bring their personal devices into the workplace; IT departments have had to adapt quickly in recent years to provide the same levels of protection for employee and company data.

However, the various departments within an organization can benefit greatly from the technical familiarity and powerful mobility that are facilitated by a BYOD environment. In part 1 of a new series on the BYOD movement, let’s look at a few ways that Sales, the road warriors and deal closers, can benefit from bringing their own devices along for the ride:

Technology You Know and Trust
Few things in life are as frustrating as dealing with unfamiliar, inadequate or unappealing technology. In more traditional environments, you were given whatever devices that management and IT deemed appropriate (and cost-effective) and were expected to make do. BYOD bridges the know-how gap; the device that you chose and that you spend every day with now empowers your selling the same way it empowers your texts, games and social media at home. Sales is one of the fastest moving arenas in business today. Every second lost to technical difficulties is a missed opportunity.

True Selling Power – Wherever You Are
The power of today’s mobile apps brings all of the functionality you know and depend on—your CRM, your file storage and your web conferencing—right to your smartphone or tablet. You don’t even need to lug your laptop with you on your next business trip to have access to all of your client information. By accessing your apps on your own mobile device, your leads and your pipelines are literally at your fingertips.

Making Lasting Impressions and Connections
As I’ve written before, old school communication methods are a quick way to be forgotten by prospective clients. Luckily, the technology in our mobile devices today is staggering, especially compared to 10 or even 5 years ago. Built-in cameras, always-on data connectivity, Bluetooth capabilities and an endless array of mobile apps mean that you don’t have to settle for phone calls and emails when you’re out of the office or traveling. If you’re really trying to impress, host a quick video follow-up on your iPad® or walk them through a presentation right on your smartphone.

Bringing It All Together
There’s a famous story here at PGi of a Sales Director who, thanks to a last minute flight delay, was dangerously close to missing an important sales call. Thinking on his feet, he pulled out his iPad, tethered it to his smartphone, jumped into iMeet® and proceeded to host the entire meeting from the backseat of a taxi cab! The effortless and intuitive way he initiated and hosted a video sales call impressed his prospects and even random onlookers.

This sort of technological achievement was made possible thanks to all of the benefits of BYOD: he knew the tech well enough to quickly make it all work, he brought to bear powerful selling tools like iMeet even while on the go and the technical prowess on display made a truly lasting impression on his clients.

All of PGi’s conferencing tools—iMeet, GlobalMeet® and GlobalMeet Audio—offer powerful mobile apps that are perfect for your BYOD empowered sales force. Visit today to learn more.


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