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Five Apps That Help Improve Productivity While Working From Home

Studies show that working from home can keep remote workers happier, healthier and more efficient.

Telecommuting programs help reduce stress and absenteeism, according to the second annual telecommuting survey issued by Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc. Fifty-three percent of business decision makers,  surveyed by Staples Advantage  also said telecommuting increases employee productivity.

Want to make sure you are one of the productive employees? Here are five apps that will help you stay connected to the office and ensure your success while working from home, or wherever else you decide to work.

  •  HootSuite: This app provides a dashboard that allows you to manage multiple social profiles and platforms from one place. With the paid version, members from your team can login to share content on behalf of your brand.
  • WorkSnug: It may be a beautiful day and you want a change of scenery, or maybe your wireless connection is not working. These things happen, and WorkSnug is here to help. The app provides laptop friendly workspaces in your area and rates their atmosphere, WiFi, noise levels and in some cases even the quality of the coffee.
  •  Doodle: Keeping track of everyone’s schedule can be difficult. Doodle provides a fast and simple way to schedule meetings with multiple people. It can be used on desktop or mobile devices and across time zones. It’s free, easy and doesn’t require any registration for any participants.
  • iMeet®: Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t meet face-to-face with colleagues or clients. iMeet is a video conferencing app for your desktop, tablet or smartphone. The low bandwidth HD video and superior sound quality allows you to see and hear everyone clearly, which makes meetings more interactive and productive.  It also allows participants to share documents, videos and web pages securely. This creates an easy-to-use collaborative online meeting space for individuals who may be separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. Since iMeet is cloud-based, there is no need to spend precious time downloading complicated software. Plus, with the new Auto-Connect™ feature, you can instantly join the conversation without using a dial-in number and passcode.
  • Cubby: Cubby is an easy way to store, share and organize all of your files across desktops, tablets and smartphones. Send a document to anyone by providing a public link where they can view files but can’t change anything. Want to open your documents for collaboration? No problem. Invite individuals to your cubby by entering their email address. They can make edits to your documents and changes will be reflected real-time.

There are many more apps that are available. Some are free, some have small fees and some are created for specific operating systems. These are just a few apps that I’ve found useful while working from home. Let me know if I missed any good ones in the comment section below.

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