Relying on One-Dimensional Communication is Making You Forgettable

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the future of communication is already here. I mean, think about it; six short years ago, the iPhone® didn’t even exist yet. Fast-forward to today and we’ve got devices in our pockets that are more powerful than many computers, touch-screen tablets that have all but replaced our laptops and we’ve even begun a foray into mass-market wearable computing. All of this readily-available technological muscle is powering the next generation of communication, both personal and professional. High-quality cameras built right into our smartphones and tablets are enabling web and video conferencing, with VoIP audio connections bringing our voices to our families, friends and coworkers across the country or across the globe.

It continues to stump me, then, why so many businesses and workers across the globe are so resistant to change and insist on relying on one-dimensional forms of communication like phone calls and email. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place; a quick email is a good way to have a record of a brief question or exchange. But the power, availability and intuitiveness of modern video solutions like iMeet® and GlobalMeet® aren’t just the future — they’re already here, and they’re waiting to empower your sales force, IT teams and HR departments.

The market for web and video conferencing continue to grow – according to Wainhouse Research, the global web conferencing market will reach nearly $2.5 billion by 20161. Wainhouse also has personal video conferencing, which they define as video systems on personal computers and mobile devices, reaching over $450 million by 2017 with an impressive growth rate of over 25%2. This growth represents a sweeping change in the way businesses are approaching collaboration. We no longer need giant, expensive telepresence rooms to productively conduct business on a global scale. And the proliferation of BYOD environments across businesses of all sizes means that your employees are already equipped with some of the most sophisticated devices on the planet, all of which support web and video conferencing solutions.

And yet, the resistance remains. The bottom line is this: one-dimensional communication makes you, your business and its products more forgettable. Researchers estimate that as much as two-thirds of all communication is non-verbal. And all of that meaning — the body language and the facial expressions that carry our true message — is lost if you’re not meeting on video. Modern collaboration tools like iMeet also give you a broader picture of who you’re meeting with thanks to direct social media integration. A quick glance at a prospect’s or client’s LinkedIn profile will equip you with better insights and conversation starters. All of these tools are specifically designed to let you and your teams meet more effectively, more personally and with more lasting impact.

Because rest assured —if your prospects are forgetting you and what you’re selling, they’re going to remember someone else.

Don’t wait around to be forgotten —try iMeet or GlobalMeet for free today and empower your communication with video.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Dulaunoy

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