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From Instagram to iMeet, Video is Everywhere

It’s really amazing to think about how commonplace video has become in recent years.  Video is everywhere. Just yesterday, for example, Instagram announced that it was adding the capability to capture 15-second videos to its wildly popular photo sharing service. This puts Instagram (and its new owner, Facebook) in direct competition with Twitter-owned Vine, an app that lets users create and share six-second video snippets. The explosion of smartphones and tablets for both personal and professional use has put a high-quality camera in everyone’s pocket and services like YouTube, Viddy and Vimeo offer users a place to share their personal video content with the world.

In the world of business, video meetings have completely revolutionized the workplace, leading to an increasingly mobile workforce, globe-spanning business deals and partnerships and an empowered sales engine where time and distance are no longer barriers to closing the deal. Once reserved for the C-suite and limited to prohibitively expensive room-based systems, web and video conferencing now live in the cloud and on our smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops and have democratized virtual meetings. Tools like iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are the catalysts for today’s business.

In this video, PGi Founder & CEO Boland Jones, CTO David Guthrie and Sr. Director of Product Management for iMeet John Keane discuss PGi’s vision for iMeet, including making high-quality video conferencing accessible to everyone wherever they are through an intuitive interface and cloud computing:



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