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GlobalMeet Audio: Innovative Support and the Benefits of the Bundle

GlobalMeet® Audio, PGi’s innovative audio conferencing solution powered by an industry-leading, modern, VoIP audio infrastructure, provides companies with a simple and intuitive audio conferencing solution. From the beginning, GlobalMeet Audio is designed around providing a seamless buying and user experience. And that philosophy extends through deployment and integration all the way to innovative support methods and even pricing, where an emphasis on simple, monthly audio bundles are the key to a predictable and manageable audio spend.

Innovative Customer Support

If you run into an issue during your audio conference, most companies offer a way to contact a customer service representative directly from the conference (often by dialing a “*” code, such as “*0”). However, often that means that a stranger is suddenly in the middle of your meeting, interrupting the flow of your entire conference call to help an individual with their problem. At PGi, our trained conference support professionals bring any customers with support needs into a subconference, meaning the main meeting can continue without disruption while the participant gets the help they need.

In addition, the GlobalMeet Community is a place where all GlobalMeet customers can get answers to questions from GlobalMeet experts and other GlobalMeet users while also having access to user guides, tutorials and videos. The GlobalMeet Community is a free service allowing all PGi customers to find answers to common support issues or simply learn best practices for audio conferencing and collaboration—all at their own convenience.

Audio Bundles Help You Manage Expenses

One of the most frustrating aspects of purchasing audio, whether you’re a business buying an audio conferencing solution or an individual trying to select your new cellphone plan, is trying to manage the various amounts of minutes you can choose from. Traditional, pay-per-minute plans lead to an unpredictable expenditure that’s difficult to budget properly. Monthly audio bundles, on the other hand, create a predictable audio spend for you and your business.

Through over twenty years of collaboration experience, PGi has done the research and specifically crafted monthly audio bundles around the amounts of minutes that real companies utilize for their conferencing needs. Per-minute costs can quickly spiral out of control, especially if you’re unsure exactly how much conferencing you and your employees are using month-to-month.  By choosing a bundle, you can be assured that your company’s collaboration needs will be met, regardless of meeting sizes and participant numbers.

And best of all, you’ll also be providing your company with a more manageable budget with predictable audio expenses and easy-to-determine ROI, all with the peace of mind that user-focused customer support methods can provide.

For more information on both GlobalMeet Audio and GlobalMeet web conferencing, visit the GlobalMeet Community and join the discussion today!

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