How Plantronics Promotes Collaboration and Telecommuting Through Design

I recently came across a video featuring our good friends at Plantronics. In it, SmartPlanet takes a look at how Plantronics has radically redesigned its aging office spaces to promote collaboration and provide flexible working environments for its employees through the use of vibrant colors, multiple desk options and open design principles. Collaborative spaces are lit with natural light through large glass windows and provide the latest technology. Cubes and desks are completely open, flanked by primary colors and providing standing and sitting desk options.

And best of all, they’re promoting remote work through telecommuting by giving its employees the freedom to work from home and equipping their managers with training and tools to better manage remote teams. On any given day, 40% of Plantronics’ employees are working remotely, using video conferencing technology to collaborate with their in-house team members.

When I interviewed Plantronics VP Jeffrey Siegel a few months ago, I was struck by how similar Plantronics’ work philosophies were to our own here at PGi. This video is a testament to those philosophies; the stuffy, high-walled cubicles of yore are replaced with open and fluid environments to promote creativity and provide a better workplace experience. And the freedom (and encouragement!) to telecommute empowers your workforce with the flexibility to manage their own work-life balance, demonstrates employer trust and builds worker loyalty.

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