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How GlobalMeet Audio Innovations Empower the Modern Business

The heart of any meeting is a high-quality audio connection, regardless of whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. Consistent audio is vital to collaboration; we’ve all been in meetings that were ruined by scratchy, dropped or otherwise inconsistent audio performance. Ensuring secure, enterprise-grade audio conferencing is essential for businesses all over the globe. PGi provides audio conferencing to some of the largest and most important companies in the world and our GlobalMeet® Audio platform has evolved innovative connection methods and mobility options, all powered by a globally secure and accessible network to meet the collaboration needs of any business, large or small.

Changing Access Methods

One of the simplest innovations that PGi has brought to audio conferencing (and also our web and video conferencing solutions) is changing the way people get connected to their meetings. In the past, connecting audio was a clumsy process of getting an invite to a conference, being sent a constantly changing set of dial-in numbers and confusing passcodes and trying to keep track of it all to get into your meeting on time. And tens of thousands of users today are still using these methods for something as commonplace in business as the conference call, when advances in the mobile web and mobile apps have brought all of us into a modern technological world where the information and functionality we want is never more than a tap away.

That’s why GlobalMeet Audio uses a Connect Me feature that will dial out to any number you choose. In other words, the meeting calls you. A single tap on your mobile device or a single click in your email launches the GlobalMeet Audio tool and prompts you to seamlessly connect your audio, while also giving you complete visual control over your audio conference: you can see who’s talking and adjust volume levels and muting directly from the tool.

As Mobile as You Are

Today’s modern business is increasingly mobile; analysts predict that mobile workers worldwide will reach a staggering number of 1.3 billion by 2015. In order for conferencing and collaboration to keep pace with today’s modern businesses, solutions have to be mobile-ready and compatible with the smartphones and tablets that are driving the BYOD workplace revolution. GlobalMeet’s mobile apps for iPhone®, iPad® and BlackBerry® offer the same effortless connectivity as our desktop tools, either through your phone audio or with integrated softphone (also known as VoIP) connections.

Securely Covering the Globe

GlobalMeet Audio, along with PGi’s web conferencing solutions iMeet® and GlobalMeet®, is backed by our innovative and modern audio network, powered by VoIP audio bridges located across the globe. We offer over 140 access points worldwide, including softphone connections, and we work closely with regional carriers to provide dial-in numbers that are accessible regardless of the type of connection or device that a global business and its employees requires. All of our audio hardware is located in secure, carrier-class facilities, with multiple network access paths, uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, redundant telephony and active standby bridges, all designed to ensure that your service is always available whenever you need it.

Interested in experiencing the PGi difference for yourself? Try our innovative audio conferencing today by requesting a GlobalMeet Audio demo!

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