Impressions from PGi Industry Analyst Week

PGi recently had the privilege of having technology analysts from several different analyst firms down to the PGi offices to meet with a handful of our executives, marketers and product developers. After the analysts left our office, I took some time to reflect on the events that had taken place and the invaluable information our organization had gained. I realized how fortunate PGi was to spend time with individuals who dedicate their careers to having a deep understanding of specific industries and topics.

From the perspective of a technology vendor perspective like PGi, analysts provide invaluable survey and market research data that can help us to better understand our target audience.  For example, In a survey conducted by Wainhouse Research, we learned that 42% of the workers that were surveyed join conferences from a mobile phone or tablet, while 40% would like to host conferences from a smart phone or tablet but do not have the capability.  This shows us the capabilities that our customers need from our products and validates our commitment to creating innovative mobile apps for iMeet®, GlobalMeet® and GlobalMeet Audio.  These insights help organizations like PGi better understand our customers and their collaboration needs and also help us stay ahead of the technology curve.  

The information that analyst firms provide can also be extremely valuable from an internal IT perspective.  For example, in a Forrester Forrsights survey, only 10% of workers surveyed were completely satisfied with the technology that their IT department provides them.  Another example is that 46% of workers surveyed felt that video conferencing allows for the clearest communication when compared to audio conferencing, yet only 9% of people are using their work computer to participate in a video conference at least one time per week.

What do these data points mean to you and your organization? Is your company disconnected between the IT department and the rest of the company?  Are your employees in the 90% that are not completely satisfied with their technology at work?  Are you providing your employees with the tools that they need to be successful?


 Photo courtesy of Flickr user Michael Coghlan


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