Millennials at Work: When it Comes to Business Does Father Still Know Best [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we celebrate the World’s Greatest Dad this Father’s Day, we wondered: when it comes to business, does Father still know best? Or do the Millennials now have the upper hand?

To answer that question, PGi whipped up an infographic, When It Comes to Business, Does Father Still Know Best, to spotlight the growing number of Millennial workers entering the labor force, their impact on the way we work and how every generation can contribute unique talents to work culture as a whole.

As the opening lines in the infographic state, “The numbers are in: There are more Millennials in the workforce than any other single generation, and this “urban tribe” now works side-by-side with their parents’ and even grandparents’ generations in offices everywhere.   With these digital natives storming the workplace, do the Gen X, Boomer and Silent generations know how to work with the new majority?”

We’ll think you’ll like what everyone has to offer in today’s “anywhere work” environment, including Father, Uncle, Aunt, Mother, Son, Daughter, Gen X, Millennial, Silent, Boomer, Cousin and Friend.

Want to learn more about the impact of Millennials on the Future of Work? Check out this great free eBook: The Future of Business Collaboration.

Infographic on how Millennials and the other generations can collaborate and learn from each other at work

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