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Mobile Apps to Stay Productive (and Sane) on Your Next Business Trip

I made a friend at SeaWorld!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Corporate Meetings Summit in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Cvent. This also marked my first real business trip experience, and I was excited to manage the challenge of maintaining productivity and meeting my responsibilities back at the office while engaging with event attendees and attending talks and presentations. As a self-proclaimed gadget geek, I looked to my mobile devices—my iPad® and Samsung Galaxy S3, specifically—along with a wide variety of mobile apps to keep track of assignments, manage my itinerary and attend online meetings while on the go.

Here are a few of the mobile apps I used to maintain my productivity (and my sanity!) while traveling:


TripIt is a mobile app designed to organize and keep track of your travel plans. The app collects your flight information, hotel reservations, car rental details and even restaurant reservations and organizes them by destination, making it perfect for frequent road warriors. TripIt even integrates directly with leading travel and expense management solution Concur® to import your travel information automatically!

TripIt for iOS | TripIt for Android™


Evernote, the cloud-based note taking service, is my constant companion at conferences and events. The beauty of cloud-based mobile apps is that they follow me anywhere; Evernote is installed on my tablet and smartphone, and both allow for quick or in-depth note taking. And best of all, when I get back to my laptop, everything is synced and accessible, and sharing all of the information from an event with my team members is effortless. You can even use it to store important travel information such as confirmation numbers or addresses.

Evernote for iOS | Evernote for Android


Even though I was away at a conference, I still had several important meetings to attend virtually with my team back home. iMeet’s personal and intuitive web conferencing is available for a variety of mobile devices, including Android™ smartphones like my Galaxy S3, and it was my go-to app for my online meetings. With a single tap I could instantly join any iMeet meeting room and the app would automatically connect my audio for me. And on the off chance that I wasn’t in a location with strong data or Wi-Fi for VoIP audio, I could just as easily have iMeet call my cell number—no passcodes or dial-in numbers required!

iMeet for iPad | iMeet for iPhone | iMeet for Android


LinkedIn, the mobile network for professionals, is perfect for on-the-go networking. LinkedIn has put a great deal of work into their mobile apps in the last year or so and they’re feature-rich  and intuitive. Whenever I met someone new at the event, I made sure to connect with them later through my LinkedIn app in order to maintain those connections, learn more about them as professionals and keep the seeds planted for potentially doing business together in the future.

LinkedIn for iOS | LinkedIn for Android


Filed under the “kept me sane” category, Netflix was the perfect companion when I found myself at the airport with several hours to kill before my flight home. While normally a recipe for death-by-boredom, the long wait gave me time to relax after a busy conference and cozy up to my iPad to catch up on some of my favorite shows (still trying to rewatch Arrested Development so I can move onto the new season!)

Netflix for iOS | Netflix for Android

What are your must-have apps for biz travel? Let us know in the comments!

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