Are You Ready for the Workplace of the Future?

How do you define the future of work, and what does the workplace of the future look like? In a word: freedom. The workplace of the future sheds the idea of private, assigned spaces in favor of openness, collaboration and flexibility. Knowledge workers thrive on teamwork and spontaneous ideation, and if companies hope to attract and retain top talent, they need to be mindful of the needs of this new generation of workers. This is especially important as younger, more tech-savvy workers continue to enter the workforce: almost half of young employees today would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility on device choice, social media and mobility.

In the video below, architecture firm SmithGroupJJR brings the idea of the workplace of the future to life, creating team-based, open environments to nurture the collaborative and flexible culture that knowledge workers crave. The office spaces they’re designing have open, unassigned work spaces, sparse and rarely-used private offices and plenty of room for brainstorming and collaboration. One line in particular summed up for me the goal of the workplace of the future:

The static of nature of real estate combined with the dynamic nature of technological evolution is that dichotomy that we need to deal with…


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