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Bad Presentations in Your Meetings: What is the Impact of Boredom in Your PowerPoint?

PowerPoint slides have become a common presentation tool used in the business world. Unfortunately, the phrase “death by PowerPoint” has also become a familiar phrase. With attention spans quickly decreasing, audience members are getting bored even faster than before.

Once your audience is bored it’s hard to get them back. The key is to keep them engaged from start to finish and never give them the chance to lose interest. PGi recently released a free eBook, The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas that is full of various tricks and tips on how to keep your audience interested throughout your presentation. These four tips are just some that are mentioned in the eBook.

First Impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression with your audience. If you start out slow and boring you’ll lose them from the start. Typically, the first slide serves as an introduction slide. It usually has the presenter’s name, along with the title of the presentation and other contact information.

Skip this traditional slide all together and replace it with an eye-catching slide. Add a great visual and some fun language. This will be sure to lighten the mood and have your audience paying attention and wondering what’s coming next.

Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be a great way to share information with a group of people during a presentation. But, it’s important to remember you are creating a presentation, not writing a novel. When you place too many elements in a slide deck, you can overwhelm your audience. People can read faster than you can talk and if you choose to just read along from your slides, people quickly lose interest and start checking emails and social media sites.

The eBook suggests having only one main point with 15 words or fewer per slide. This will help you keep command of your audience.

Add some fun technology

Presentations can be more than sharing information with colleagues or clients. With so many apps that are available on the web, you can make your PowerPoint presentations more interactive.

Prezi®, SlideShare® and SlideRocket™ are just a few of our favorites. More apps are listed in our Presentation Ideas eBook. These new apps are sure to engage and excite your audience.

Choose the right tools

In the global world we work in, it’s almost inevitable to have some remote colleagues who may be attending a meeting. It’s also sometimes more difficult to make sure these individuals feel connected with the rest of the meeting guests and are paying attention.

Easy-to-use virtual meeting tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet allow you better engage your remote guests. These PGi products are ideal because you can customize your virtual space and use state-of-the-art features like a cloud-based file cabinet, group or private chat, HD video and mobile apps.

What tricks do you use in your presentations to combat boredom? Let us know below.

Learn more about these fun tips and others when you download our free eBook: The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas.

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