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Balance Isn’t Always 50/50: Making Constant Adjustment in Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is constantly shifting and evolving. In his recent TED Talk, Dan Thurmon explores how our life patterns can be transcended by living off balance on purpose.

Striving for a life well-lived means we are constantly adjusting, performing what Thurmon describes as the “quick switch” rather than multi-tasking. As technology constantly evolves to our needs, both real and anticipated, we wrap ourselves around it, adjusting in parallel. Rather than increasing our pace, how can we instead find space and expansion in our lives? Here are seven aspects technology can bring engagement and dimension in our lives and help drive us forward:

1. Information
Technology at our fingertips is information at our fingertips – Google is a verb and social media is now social business.

2. Simplification
Tools like Evernote allow freelancers, creative professionals and entrepreneurs to organize information visually and dynamically, not constrained by media type or platform.

3. Collaboration
Video and web conferencing technology informs virtual collaboration like never before in our lives. Geographic boundaries are erased and we are unifying as a global community.

4. Integration
Contextual intelligence like the Plantronics Voyager headset, integrated with iMeet, and Google Glass are innovations advancing us toward great integration with our technology and our environments. Technology is no longer just a part of our lives – it is a part of us.

5. Dimension
We are all artists. Technology empowers the sharing of our lives through virtually any platform, any media, any device. We develop relationships with people we’ve never met and can even

6. Flexibility
Want to work from home? You can do it. Want to travel the world and work from anywhere? You can do this, too. Work is no longer a place.

7. Potential
What is the future of technology? The future is entirely in our hands – we are only limited by our imaginations, today and tomorrow.

Technology should adapt to and anticipate our needs, but also intuitively simplify and fluidly adjust as our lives become increasingly intertwined. As Thurmon wisely states, if you limit yourself to what’s comfortable, you deny yourself what’s possible.

Dan Thurmon is the author of Off Balance On Purpose. He believes that we will never achieve “perfect balance” and should, instead, learn to embrace uncertainty and initiate positive changes that lead to growth. We should go beyond the pursuit of “success” and enhance our life experiences and professional endeavors with purposeful, positive contributions.


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