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Nerd Alert: 10 Places I Go for Tech News

I am quite happily the resident nerd on my team here at PGi. I’m a gamer, I obsessively keep up with the latest apps and gadgets, and yes, I’m even the go-to guy for light tech support (have you tried turning it off and back on again?).

Recently, I’ve been asked by my team members and other coworkers about what sites I frequent and which apps I use to stay on top of the latest in technology, collaboration and nerdy news. Here are some of the must-have sites and apps that I use every single day.


While Mashable’s overall tone lately has shifted a bit towards more social, viral and pop culture content, the site is still a great source for tech news, especially centered on coverage of events and product launches. They’re still a site I visit daily.

2. LinkedIn
Over the past year or so, the developers and designers over at LinkedIn have done an absolutely phenomenal job revamping the site, in both functionality and aesthetics. They’ve moved way beyond simply being a professional social network and are now a great source of content, through their influencer blogs, groups and enhanced content sharing for individuals and brands. As a bonus, their mobile apps offer top notch user experiences.

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular news reader app that presents stories from your favorite sites and your social networks in a slick, magazine style interface. The smartphone design in particular is a favorite of mine, with simple gesture-based navigation and a clean look.

Did you know? PGi has its very own Flipboard magazine, “The Future of Business Collaboration.” Subscribe today!

4. Gawker Media Family of Sites
The Gawker Media sites are popular destinations for a variety of topics, from gadgets to tech news to gaming. Probably my two favorite and most-frequently visited are Lifehacker, which offers “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done” and Kotaku, which provides gaming news and opinions.

5. Reddit
Reddit is…an interesting beast, and not for the faint of heart. At its core, it’s a link sharing and discussion site where users can “upvote,” “downvote” and comment on user-shared content. Even if you’re unfamiliar, you may have heard of Reddit recently thanks to the popularity of its “Ask Me Anything” (or AMA) series, where celebrities, political figures and more answer user questions in real-time.

Be warned: Reddit offers a lot of mature content and careful curation is recommended. However, it can be an incredibly up-to-date and rich source of information on just about any topic you can think up.

6. VentureBeat
VentureBeat is a great site for combining tech and tech business news, covering the latest developments in technology with the business side of notable investments, acquisitions and great reads on notable figures in the technology industry. Definitely a daily visit.

7. Google+
I’ve always caught a bit of heat for continuing to advocate for Google+, and to be honest, there’s still a lot of question marks surrounded what Google’s social platform is trying to be. However, there are a few things I do know: G+ is, in my experience, a much richer source of content than Facebook, has a phenomenal suite of mobile apps and will continue to be important for users of other Google services and people interested in SEO (which, let’s be honest, should be just about everyone.)

8. FastCompany
FastCompany provides great content on business, innovation and design in technology, all of which are passions of ours here at PGi. It also doesn’t hurt that their website provides lots of slick visuals.

9. TechCrunch
While TechCrunch covers a lot of the same ground as some of the other sites on this list, what I love about them is their focus on start-ups, investments and acquisitions. Their site (and their social feeds) are great sources for staying up to date on the start-up community and the whirlwind of tech M&A.

10. Twitter
And finally, Twitter – arguably my favorite social network. There’s really no better way to stay up-to-date on just about everything, provided you’re willing to do a little footwork and fill your Twitter stream with accounts relevant to your interests. There’s a reason why every ad, tv show and movie you see these days is riddled with hashtags. Twitter is the place to stay informed.

So what did I miss? Let me know your must-have sites and apps in the comments below, or tweet me @writerwin!

Photo Credits: 30 Lines, Reddit

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