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What Kind of People Work in Coworking Spaces?

As I sit in my local coworking space in London, I watch as the modern, card-operated door slides open to welcome members new and old into the beautiful Victorian building known now as The Hub Kings Cross.

But what of the 6,000 or so independent workers in The Hub network with access to over 20 coworking spaces around the world – and members of the 1,200 or so other coworking spaces in existence? What kind of workers are they?

With today’s increased mobility and use of collaboration solutions, coworking has become much more appealing for all different kinds of professionals across industries. In this post, we’ll go over the different kinds of people who often work in these spaces.

Freelancers and homeworkers

Coworking spaces are popular with freelancers and contractors. There are more of them today, since the global economic climate saw mid- and large-sized companies reduce their number of permanent staffers, in favor of contract workers.

For freelancers, coworking offers an alternative workspace outside of the home, and an opportunity for social interaction as well as training, advice and support.

Employees and collaborators

Mid- and large-sized companies are also making savings on workspace and resources by encouraging employees to take up flexible working – and they’re benefiting from the entrepreneurial spirit stimulated by coworking spaces.

When employees surround themselves with independent coworkers, they find themselves engaging in 21st century collaboration.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Some coworking spaces, like RocketSpace in San Francisco, act as ‘incubators’ for small businesses by running mentoring programs and taking a small fee or equity in the company.

Others, like Level 39 in London, are ‘accelerators’ that turn early-stage teams into high-growth companies with high intensity programs and investment.

Do you work in a coworking space? What kind of programs does it offer? And what kind of coworker does it appeal to most? Let us know, in the comments below.

San Sharma (@sansharma) is a blogger for WorkSnug (@WorkSnug), a mobile app and website that helps you find laptop-friendly workspaces, like coworking spaces, near you.

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