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What’s your favorite way to connect?

Telecommuting is on the rise. Approximately 20-30 million people work from home at least one day a week, according to the United States Census Bureau. Advances in communication and information technologies have made collaboration easier for employees who may not be physically located in the same office—or even the same time zone.

Telecommuters are taking advantage of the explosion of smartphones and tablets on the market, and using more mobile devices to stay connected. In 2012, the average mobile worker carried 3.5 mobile devices.

Different connection methods provide different virtual meeting experiences. Depending on your location and topic of discussion, you may find one or a combination of devices may be appropriate. Whichever device you choose, it’s important to ensure your online meeting tools are compatible.


Joining or hosting a meeting from your computer is ideal when you’re working from a desk with a strong internet connection. With PGi’s Auto-Connect™ feature, just plug your headset in and click ‘Call my Computer’. With one simple click, you can listen to PGi’s world-class audio connection directly through your computer. No more dialing long conference call numbers or remembering passcodes.

Also, the high-quality, low bandwidth video allows you to add more of a human connection that online meetings often lack. By seeing the emotional clues of others, you can build better relationships with colleagues and clients. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to turn your webcam on or off—always leaving you in control.


Not every remote worker has the option of sitting at a desk all day. As a result, it’s important telecommuters and digital nomads have the mobile tools that fit their lifestyles.

The iMeet app for iPads is ideal for telecommuters who are on the go. This app supports streaming video and gives you the option to use the front or rear-facing webcam during the meeting. Similar to the desktop app, you can speak through your iPad so you don’t have to carry multiple devices—if you don’t want to.


We’re all busy and sometimes our schedules can get chaotic. According to the iPass Global Mobile Workforce report, mobile employees ranked smartphones as the most important item in their lives—second only to wallet and keys. Since most people are always clinging on to their cellphones, why not use it as an option to meet. PGi offers free mobile downloads for its online meeting tools for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Offering the same reliability and state-of-the-art features as the desktop version, you can ensure you will have effective meetings no matter where you are.

If you’re one of the millions of telecommuters, what is your favorite way to stay connected to your team? Do you prefer a laptop, tablet, smartphone or maybe all three?  

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