Winners of MNN’s ‘Room with a View’ contest travel to Costa Rica

Alyson Lucey and her husband, Sean, of Massachusetts recently spent a week in Costa Rica at the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn, the country’s first certified sustainable hotel. The PGI-sponsored “Room with a View” contest gave Alyson the thrill of a lifetime.

A longtime fan of the Mother Nature Network, Alyson says MNN is her homepage and that she often spends hours reading articles on the website. We spoke to Alyson a few months ago about her reaction to winning the sweepstakes, what she’s looking forward to most and how she stays green while traveling.

What was your reaction to winning?
When I received the email stating that I won the trip I almost didn’t respond because I thought it was a scam. I was very hesitant because I never win anything and there are too many hoaxes out there. I almost deleted the email without even reading it. The only thing that led me to believe it might be true was the fact that it was from the Mother Nature Network. After reading the email I remembered filling out the contest information. I was still in shock and really thought it wasn’t true. Once I realized it was true (which took me a while to sink in) I was overjoyed. My husband and I never really get to do much together without work being involved in some way.

What are you looking forward to most about the trip?
Sean and I plan to treat the trip like our second honeymoon since we may not get the opportunity to travel alone again for a very long time. Between his schooling, work and our new baby, timing is complicated.

I am looking forward to taking in the scenery and culture of the surrounding areas. I love to explore new places even if it is just a park down the road. I can’t wait to see the wildlife and natural flora of the area.

What are some of your green travel tips?
Some things I do regularly are I always reuse the linens for a day or two, use public transportation and do a lot of walking.

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