Are You Listening? Using Meeting Tools to Get Guest Feedback During a Meeting

If not executed successfully, meetings can be one of the biggest wastes of time in the corporate world. Because of this, people are constantly looking for ways to improve their meetings by trying various techniques that allow them to efficiently share information with colleagues and clients.

It’s vital to the success of your meetings to realize that a meeting should not be treated as a one-man show.  Instead of simply standing in front of your audience and lecturing them for an hour, a meeting should be more of an interactive discussion.

Hosting an interactive discussion, may pose a challenge if some or all of your participants are remote attendees. With the latest technology advances, groups can meet virtually. However, with virtual meetings, you may have to work even harder to keep your audience engaged.

Similar to in-person meetings, when hosting an online meeting you have to compete with the dropping attention spans. Today’s average attention span only lasts five minutes. However, in virtual meetings you have an added competitor, and that’s the countless distractions that are demanding the attention of your meeting guests. In a survey by Forbes, 90 percent of people admitted to multitasking while on conference calls. This is why it’s vital to choose an online meeting tool that is equipped with various features that will allow you to successfully engage with your audience.


Everyone has seen them. They’re usually in every meeting room and even in some offices. They’re ideal for a brainstorming session because everyone can throw their ideas on the board. But how do you use them when you’re meeting online with people who are located all over the world? Online meeting technology like GlobalMeet has a virtual whiteboard feature that is perfect for these types of situations. The whiteboard resembles a blank slide that you can draw or write on using annotation tools. It’s useful for sketching ideas, brainstorming sessions and listing action items real-time. You can even encourage group participation by giving guests the permissions to add to the board.


A question and answer segment is always a great way to get feedback from your meeting guests. GlobalMeet has a Q&A button that guests can use when they have a question. It’s similar to raising your hand, but it’s less disruptive because the host can either choose to answer the question right away, or save it in their queue to answer later.


Polls are also a great resource to gather feedback from your guests. GlobalMeet gives you the option to create polling questions prior to your meeting or if you prefer you can create them while the meeting is in progress. Once the poll has ended, you can review and publish the results to your guests. This is a great way to make sure you effectively communicated your information to your guests.


Sometimes a conference call just isn’t good enough. It lacks a personal connection and sometimes makes it hard to follow along. With GlobalMeet’s HD crystal-clear video, you can see your meeting guests and pick up on any visual cues that may have otherwise been overlooked. The video also uses a small amount of bandwidth from your network, so you don’t have to worry about frozen screens or lagging audio.

Feedback during meetings allows you to not only improve your content, but also improve your presentations methods. What methods do you use to get feedback from your guests?

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