Do you have the personality for telecommuting?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time here at PGi, it’s that telecommuting effectively takes a unique set of skills and personality traits. I am fortunate to have the flexibility to telecommute on a regular basis, and it’s not always easy; it takes an immense amount of self-discipline and responsibility to stay on task and remain productive when working away from the office.

Our friends at the Mother Nature Network cover telecommuting topics regularly on their Green Workplace blog. In the article below, MNN blogger Melissa Hincha-Ownby covers the 5 personality traits for telecommuting success, drawing from her own extensive experience as a telecommuting freelancer.

Article Below Courtesy of Mother Nature Network

Are you interested in working from home? Are you thinking about trying to land one of’s new work-from-home customer service representative positions? If so, you should possess certain personality traits. Author and consultant Alexander Levit joined forces with to create a list of 5 personality traits of the ideal work-from-home candidate.

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Confidence
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Comfort with self-imposed deadlines
  5. Extroversion

“You may not be cut out for a life in which you work on your own a large percentage of the time,” Levit stated. “It’s essential that you assess your own personality and work preferences before applying for a position with a significant degree of flexibility.”

I’ve been working-from-home for years – both as a salaried employee as well as a freelancer and I have the most difficulty with being comfortable with self-imposed deadlines.

Levit expanded on this personality trait in a post for the blog, “Some people are driven to perform because a manager is looking over their shoulder, or because the failure to complete a task will result in disastrous consequences. Terrific flex workers are willing and able to adhere to realistic deadlines they set for themselves, even when no one is watching.”

Setting realistic deadlines is key, especially if you’re new to telecommuting. When I first started working from home, I remember thinking that I was going to be so productive. There wouldn’t be an office phone ringing or workmates stopping by my desk with questions.

While there aren’t typical workplace distractions when you’re working from a home office, there are still distractions to deal with. Little things like the neighbor’s landscape company stopping by to clean up their yard, complete with loud power tools, can easily break your concentration and derail your plans for a productive day.

Understanding what types of distractions you are dealing with will help you set more realistic deadlines. Sure, you may have the most productive days of your life as a telecommuter, but until you get a good feel for how your workday is going to go, make sure you add in a little padding to your deadlines.

If you telecommute, which of these personality traits is a challenge for you?

Article Courtesy of Mother Nature Network

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