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iMeet Productivity Hacks to Add a Little Awesome to Your Meetings

I’m just going to come out and say it: I love iMeet®. Now I know what you’re thinking—“Josh, you have to say that.” But it’s true! I literally use it every single day and it makes my work life better. The ease of entry, the fun personalization options and the killer iPad® and smartphone apps improve my meetings immeasurably. And my team, which includes members scattered across the country, couldn’t survive without it.

As someone who uses iMeet daily, I’ve acquired a few productivity hacks to really make the most of my iMeet meetings—tips and tricks that will turn you from an iMeet newbie into a true power user. Check them out:

Text Message Alerts
We’re all familiar with the calendar alert, the chorus of dings that rings out across the office before every meeting. But did you know that iMeet can text you when someone enters your meeting room and you’re not there? It even lets you set up custom messaging macros to send a message into your iMeet room by simply replying with a single word.

Auto-Connect Audio
Auto-Connect audio is the single biggest reason why, given the choice, I will almost always use my iPad for iMeet—it takes the already-simple process of joining an iMeet meeting and somehow makes it even easier. All I have to do on the iPad app is tap “Join a Meeting” or “Start my Meeting” and iMeet automatically loads up the meeting and connects the audio without me doing a thing.

It’s like a magic trick.

To learn more about iMeet’s iOS apps, visit the iMeet Community.

Taking Notes
A note-taking feature may not sound like the most exciting thing ever, but it’s what iMeet lets you do with those notes that make it so compelling to use. You can take notes for the entire meeting room to see or just for your personal use. Once your meeting is over, iMeet lets you email those notes to yourself or your guests or send them to your Evernote account—directly from the meeting!

The ability to take notes directly within iMeet lets you focus on the meeting itself instead of fumbling with notepads or alt-tabbing between multiple windows.

Social Network Integration
The personal aspect of iMeet is one of the things that immediately engages people. You can customize your meeting background, cycle between profile pictures (professional or silly ones, depending on your mood) and customize a bio to share with any you meet with.

iMeet’s social network integration takes that a step further, giving you the option to connect your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn directly to your iMeet cube. Guests can use these tools to get a sense of the real you, making you much more than just another voice on a conference call.

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