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Workations Survey: 82% of Workers Reveal They Work on Vacation

82% of workers don’t take vacations anymore. Welcome to workation nation.

A recent survey by PGi, a global leader in virtual meetings, revealed the dramatic reality of today’s workers:

  • 82% connect to the office on vacation.
  • Smartphones are the  #1 workation enabler.
    • 40% use a smartphone to work on vacation.
    • 11% use a laptop.
    • 4% use a tablet.
  • 37% are hyper-connected, using smartphones, tablets and laptops to work on vacation.
  • 65% connect to online meetings on vacation, with 94% of those dialing into conference calls.

In the Workation Nation infographic below, the full impact of today’s connected workforce is revealed:

Infographic Workation Work on Vacation Survey

For the full survey results, please email
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