The 5 Best Apps for Virtual Collaboration

Virtual collaboration is an everyday part of the modern workday. Employees are more frequently working from home, working with geographically distributed teams and using their mobile devices for business, meaning that effective teams have to be able to collaborate in-person and online.

Check out five of the best apps to empower your team’s virtual collaboration:


For virtual and remote workers, collaboration starts with the online meeting. PGi’s GlobalMeet provides audio and web conferencing with file sharing, whiteboarding, chat, Q&A, polling and more. But best of all for telecommuters are the suite of mobile apps available for GlobalMeet. You can get apps for your iPad®, iPhone®, BlackBerry® and GlobalMeet just arrived on Android smartphones.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s file storage and document collaboration service. Instead of manually trying to keep track of document changes and the endless versions of documents being emailed back and forth, Google Drive stores all revisions the cloud. Additionally, multiple collaborators can work on a document in real time, including adding comments. It’s a slick and intuitive virtual tool for managing your files and documents.


There are a number of collaborative project management and project scheduling apps out there, and part of the fun for app junkies like me is sampling the various offerings and weighing their features. For me, I’ve settled on Asana: it’s got a slick interface, a number of keyboard shortcuts for quick entry and editing, email notifications and mobile apps to keep track of your to-dos while on-the-go.

Evernote Business

Evernote is already a perfect tool for individuals to keep and store notes their notes in the cloud and access them from any device. Evernote Business accounts allow users to place content into business notebooks, separate from personal notebooks, allowing all of your coworkers to easily and securely share knowledge and collaborate in the cloud.


Collaboration comes in many flavors, just like no two teams work exactly alike. For some, the large-team, presentation focus of GlobalMeet is perfect for status updates and document review.

However, iMeet by PGi provides a much more people-focused approach, with profile pictures, up to fifteen simultaneous webcams, social media integration and an intuitive user interface across desktops and mobile devices. With options like iMeet and GlobalMeet, you can tailor your virtual meeting to your teams’ unique workflows and personalities.

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