Creating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is everything.

It is my never-ending goal, in all of my endeavors, to pursue a culture and a true mindset of innovation, and growing that culture is paramount to PGi’s success. In fact, just recently we created an entire group dedicated solely to pursuing innovative ideas and nurturing the pioneering minds of all of our associates.

Throughout my career, I’ve never allowed myself to get comfortable. Comfort equals status quo, and striving for the status quo is a quick way to sink a product or a business. It’s ALWAYS about:

  • What can we do better?
  • What are we missing?
  • What do our customers not know they need yet?
  • What’s next?

A common misconception I’ve seen across the business landscape is that all “innovation” means is “having good ideas.” The fact of the matter is that good ideas are cheap. It’s the ability to execute at a high level on these innovative visions that separates good companies from great ones. PGi has always consisted of innovators, people who are both do-ers and thinkers who can take the biggest or most challenging ideas in collaboration and bring them to life in useful, intuitive ways that provide real value to businesses and delight to our users. Tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet started out as simple ideas, but combining our industry-leading network infrastructure with our experienced and pioneering technical minds allowed us to bring those tools to businesses of all sizes all across the globe.

Our good ideas open the door, but our over twenty years of collaboration experience, our successes and our failures, let us walk through it. If you’re tired of living and working in the status quo and want to create a culture of innovation in your company, then consider the following:

  1. Challenge yourself first and then your organization. It’s not about top-down leadership; it’s about practicing what you preach.
  2. Never settle for playing catch-up or copycat. If your goal is simply to catch your competition, then your goal is to be “good enough.”
  3. Tear down the silos. Innovation in your company doesn’t “belong” to any individual or group. Openness, accessibility and freedom are the keys to creating an innovative culture.
  4. Execution is vital. Your ideas are great, but until your organization can turn those ideas into tangible benefits and measurable results for your customers and your company’s bottom line, they’re just ideas.

With these philosophies in mind, you can foster an innovative spirit in your personal and professional life.

Make today the day you choose to defeat the status quo.

Learn more ways to defeat business status quo with technology in PGi’s free eBook “The Future of Business Collaboration.”


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