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PGi and Partners: Driven to Perform


On the first of every month, join me as I put Partners 1st with perspectives, advice and insights into how today’s technology trends are changing the way we live, collaborate and do business.

In my 15+ years working here at PGi, I’ve watched our business grow and change, adapting to evolutions in the marketplace, technology and more. Throughout those years, one thing has remained constant: PGi, its leadership and its associates are Driven to Perform. We tirelessly pursue success in every aspect of our business, from our innovative product development to our sales methodologies to, of course, our award-winning Partner programs.

You’ve already learned the importance of adding collaboration tools to your portfolio. At PGi, we are driven to bringing the best virtual collaboration experience to each and every business professional around the world—and the best products and incentives to our Partners, Resellers and Agents.

Embracing Change

One of the most vital parts of being Driven to Perform is fearlessly embracing change. As an audio conferencing provider with over 20 years of industry experience, PGi could’ve rested on our laurels and settled for the status quo. We could’ve been afraid of pursuing new technologies like cloud computing. Instead, we dove headfirst into the cloud and created a suite of online collaboration tools, including iMeet® and GlobalMeet®, because we knew the benefits that the cloud could provide to our users: security, scalability, easier deployments, mobility and more.

We take the same approach to our strategy with our Partners, Resellers and Agents. Our programs and incentives are constantly evolving to better meet the needs of our Partners and provide the best program possible to our entire community.

High Performance

As part of our drive to improve our products and business performance, we relentlessly pursue innovation across our entire product suite and our network infrastructure. Our audio network is second-to-none, and our products and strategies have been recognized and awarded as industry leaders. We aggressively invest and develop our solutions to provide the best possible experience for our end users and, as a result, the best possible products for our Partners, Resellers and Agents.

Just like a high-performance engine, we are always driven to provide results. And our Partners continue to demonstrate the same passion and drive that we live and breathe every day.

A PGi Partner Exclusive

In addition to working with an award-winning industry channel partner, how would you like to be driving a 2014 Porsche 911? Announcing the “Driven to Perform” PGi Partner Exclusive; your iMeet and GlobalMeet sales can earn you a 1-year lease on a 2014 Porsche or a number of other exciting rewards, including a snowmobile or ATV. Don’t miss out on this exclusive Partner opportunity!

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