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How Social Media is Transforming the Role of HR Recruiters

Social media has changed the way people work and think. You can gain access to multiple social media sites via a computer, mobile phone and even a tablet. One tweet or status update can potentially notify thousands of individuals in a matter of seconds.

When change occurs, you will usually find those who accept it with open arms, while others fight it a little more. You may see the same division in the corporate world. Departments like IT and Marketing usually adapt well to change. Constantly looking for new, trendy ways to more effectively get their jobs done, IT and Marketing departments usually stay up-to-date with the new and popular tools. HR departments are the opposite. Because they are responsible for policy and procedures, which don’t change as often, they are usually the last to adapt.

However, even HR has started to embrace these new trends. The job force is full of social savvy networkers and HR recruiters are evolving so they can effectively reach them.

With so many tools, it can be tricky on how to successfully recruit top talent using social media. These four tips will help guide you:

  • Use multiple social networking sites

The key to recruiting is reaching your target audience. Don’t limit yourself to just one site. Use as many applicable sites as you can. You can post the original job description on your company’s website and then promote it via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Don’t over extend yourself

Even if you have a presence on every social media site available, you won’t be able to reach everyone at the same time. Instead of advertising for several jobs simultaneously, try and focus on what’s most important. If you need a position filled quickly, focus your efforts on that position and once filled you can move on to others.

  • Engage with your publics

Instead of posting jobs and waiting for responses, interact with your audiences. On average, college students will willingly accept a lower starting pay to work for companies with cultures they value and appreciate, according to Monster.

Social media sites provide an ideal environment where you can actively market your company’s culture to potential candidates. Post links to fun editorials, pictures and other content that provide a glimpse into what it’s like working for your company.

  • Don’t push away your current followers

If you currently have a presence on social media, you already have followers. These individuals have chosen to follow you because they are interested in your company and what you’ve had to say. If you decide to change your messaging abruptly, your current followers may lose interest and unsubscribe. Mix in new messages and topics with your existing conversations so you can gain new followers while keeping your existing ones happy.


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