Turn iMeet Into Your Virtual Office with These Smartphone Tips

For remote workers, teleworkers or geographically disparate teams, one of the most common criticisms is that you lose that serendipitous meeting experience. You can’t drop by someone’s desk or start a spontaneous brainstorm by the coffee machine if everyone is working from home or are spread across the country or the globe. Luckily, advances in collaboration technologies and our very own smartphones and tablets have come to the rescue, letting us all easily create online virtual offices for these sorts of ad hoc meetings.

One of my favorite parts about iMeet® is that, instead of having to schedule meetings ahead of time or deal with constantly changing meeting access information, iMeet gives you a persistent URL and allows guests to pop in and out of your room freely. This gives you the flexibility to set up virtual “office hours” for your coworkers or direct reports to reach you directly in iMeet instead of drowning in email. iMeet will send notifications directly to your smartphone when someone joins your iMeet room so you’ll never miss a chance to collaborate or just catch up with a remote colleague.

For tips on using iMeet and your smartphone to create a virtual office of your own, check out the video below, featuring two of PGi’s iMeet experts, Jeff Perkins and Jennifer Zember:

Looking for more tips, tricks and tutorials to make the most of your iMeet experience or trial? Visit the iMeet Community today, where experts are on hand to answer all of your iMeet questions!

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