Wearable Technology is the Future

I’m extremely excited about the latest trend in gear and gadgets: wearable technology. While there’s certainly a science-fiction aspect to it, smartphones and tablets have made access to technology and information so ubiquitous that the next logical step is to integrate it into our lives in a more user-friendly, unobtrusive way..

There’s a wonderful analogy in the video embedded below concerning the history of the wristwatch. Initially, clocks were large, stationary objects, much like our computers used to be. As the technology evolved and got smaller, the pocket watch was born, bringing the same information to a portable format, much like the laptop or smartphone. Finally, the pocket watch evolved into the wristwatch, bringing to life an “ambient awareness” of the same information without requiring any additional effort; in short, the wristwatch represents the next step in our current tech evolution to wearable computing.

In this video from PBS Digital Studios, four wearable technology experts discuss some decidedly different possibilities for this tech trend, going beyond Google Glasses and Samsung Galaxy Gears. From garments embedded with conductive yarns to do-it-yourself tech augmentations, it’s clear that as the wearable technology wave picks up stem, the possibilities are going to varied and incredibly interesting to watch.

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