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We all love to hate a horrendous presentation, but SlideShare’s amazingly talented crowd has some amazingly fun presentation ideas that will help you be the best in your company. Here are the top five SlideShare presentations with fun presentation ideas you can use today.

1. Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it)Alexei Kapterev

The stats in this presentation are awe-inspiring, with an estimated 300 million PowerPoint users worldwide giving an average of 30 million presentations each day. In this great presentation, Mr. Kapterev portrays the do’s and don’t of presentations inside a beautifully themed deck, full of great imagery, fonts and color schemes.

2. Steal this Presentation! Jesse Desjardins

This author’s personal favorite “presentation about presentations,” Mr. Desjardins SlideShare’s presentations wizard, with nearly 20 presentations full of insightful techniques, masterful presentation tips and simply stunning designs.

3. The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas PGi

PGi’s own fun presentation ideas guide is a presentations sneak peek from its powerful eBook of the same name. You can download the full eBook HERE for 21 masterful tips to help you “kick the dull” out of your presentations and dazzle your audience.

4. Brain Rules for PresentersGarr Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds’ frog-narrated presentation takes Dr. John Medina’s fantastic book Brain Rules and boils it down to the basics. Using a combination of humor and eye-inspiring design, the presentation takes you through three of Dr. Medina’s 12 rules and spins them into action for presenters everywhere. The presentation is pretty long, but worth it if you have the time to peruse.

5. Presentation Design Techniques from the Masters Slide Comet

Slide Comet’s presentation takes the world’s best presenters and boils down their techniques into slide design tips you can use. One great stand-out is the 10-20-30 method from Guy Kawasaki, which establishes 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30-point font as a technique to employ when trying to reach agreement with your audience.

What are your favorite presentations about presentations on SlideShare? We’re also obsessed here at PGi with Prezi and Haiku, as well, so give us a “Like” and “Share” — and we’ll put those on our to-do list!

Get more fun presentation ideas from our meetings experts and presentations masters by following PGi’s SlideShare or check out our presentation solutions.

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