PGi Helps You and Your Base Cross the Communications Chasm

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Many businesses today are faced with the arduous task of crossing a communications chasm. On one side, you have the technologies of yesterday: email, faxes and deskphones, legacy business tools that can still “get the job done” but are quickly becoming obsolete. On the other, you have the communication tools of the future: cloud services and mobile applications that provide true online collaboration.

The days of costly hardware deployments and physical lines are behind us. Technology is headed to the cloud, where security, scalability, accessibility and dependability are unmatched. It’s no secret why businesses are clamoring to modernize; they can cut costs, reduce IT support and expenses and quickly and easily deploy solutions enterprise-wide by turning to cloud computing. And more importantly, if companies don’t modernize their tools, their competition will pass them by. As Jonathan Farrington put it, “The old way of doing business doesn’t exist, and those who cling to the past soon find themselves out of business.”

With the support of PGi and our award-winning Partner program, you can become the bridge to bring businesses across the chasm and into the exciting world of modern-day collaboration.

Cross the Chasm with the Collaboration Experts

Unlike our competitors, PGi is fanatically focused on providing the best possible collaboration experiences to businesses of all sizes. Virtual meetings, event services, web conferencing, audio conferencing—these aren’t tiny portions of our business, these are our business. And we’ve got over twenty years of pioneering, innovative experience behind us that we use to provide both the best end user experiences in the industry and unmatched support for Partners, Resellers and Agents.

With our recent acquisition of ACT Conferencing, we’ve become the largest pure-play collaboration provider in the world. If you’re going to offer collaboration tools to your customers and help them bring their business communications into the cloud-based, anywhere, any-device access of the 21st Century, who better to partner with than the true collaboration experts? We’ll help you modernize your own portfolio of products and become an invaluable collaboration resource for your customer base.

Secure Your Base with Cutting-Edge Technology

While you’re always on the hunt for new customer acquisitions, it’s vitally important to secure your customer base, offering more of the technology solutions that are foundational to their operational excellence. If you’re not already offering collaboration solutions, you’re missing out on a $9.5 billion global industry and you’re passing up the opportunity to bring you and your customers—new and existing—across the communications chasm.

By partnering with PGi and offering award-winning tools like iMeet® and GlobalMeet®, you become an even more trusted and integral component to your customers and prospects. They get access to mission-critical technology solutions while you enjoy the benefits of being a PGi partner, including exciting promotions and industry-leading service and support.

If you’re not already with us, contact my team today to learn more about joining the PGi Channel Program.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Rayner


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