Reinventing your Relationship with Technology

Whether you consider it true love or strictly platonic, you have a deep relationship with technology. We all do. We’re literally surrounded by it; it’s in our pockets, our cars, at our desks and at virtually every shop, restaurant or other establishment we visit. Our day-to-day professional and personal lives are conducted in and out of various apps, devices, software and tools.

Like any relationship, your connection with technology can grow stale or strained over time. If you find yourself looking to reinvent and reinvigorate your like, love or lust for tech, try these tips:

Reevaluate Your Needs

As technology becomes increasingly embedded in our day-to-day lives, happily humming along in our pockets and computer bags, our apps become trusted advisers. They get us where we’re going, keep us informed, keep us socially connected and keep us professionally productive. However, over time, it can be easy to overlook their shortcomings.

How many times, when using a go-to app of yours, have you thought “I really wish it did X” or “if only it was easier to do Y?” Are all of your apps integrated together as well as they could be? Are you jumping through hoops to keep things connected and organized?

Don’t be afraid to take a long hard look at your smartphone home screen or bookmarks bar in your web browser and see how many of those tools are really getting the job done. As mobile devices become increasingly ubiquitous and apps continue to move to the cloud, it’s gotten much easier to…

Try Anything and Everything

The beauty of software, particularly cloud-based tools, is that there’s almost always a free “lite” version or a free trial. This gives you unprecedented freedom to “try before you buy,” so to speak, test-driving any number of apps and tools to meet your personal or professional needs. This ties in well with reevaluating your tech; once you’ve identified an area or app function you think could be improved, you can easily track down and test out new tools to fill in the gaps.

Shake Things Up

Ultimately, if your technology feels completely stale, it might be time for a drastic change. Longtime iPhone® users may be wondering what all the fuss with Android™ is about or perhaps a Windows Phone convert is missing the simple elegance of Apple’s iOS. Maybe you’re a PC user that’s always wondered what the Mac world is like. Regardless, a complete overhaul of your technological life is one of the best ways to make all of your apps and software feel shiny and new again.

Changes like these, however, are not to be taken lightly. Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google design their operating systems and device ecosystems to be as “sticky” as possible; in other words, it’s painful to jump ship. Your apps, music and more are tied to your current operating system of choice, and it can require a little legwork to transition. However, the competitiveness of these platforms means that a transition guide is generally never more than a simple Bing search away (see what I did there?).

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