Screen Fiends | Infographic Reveals Shocking Truths on Technology Usage and Screen Time

“From the moment we wake up until we’re back in bed, we are deep in our smartphones and tablets, watching TV or staring at our computers. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend a day looking at a screen? Well, wonder no more.”

A new PGi infographic, Screen Fiends, shows the new realities of our connected world and how much screen time we have every day. The average American, according to the sources within the infographic, spends over 12 hours per day in front of a screen—TV, laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Just what are they doing?

Social networks is the clear winner in the media race, with 20% of time spent perusing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other popular sites. Email is a close second with 18%, followed by online video streaming at 13%.  At the bottom of the screen-time list is online media services, with online newspapers and radio tied at 3% and magazines at 2%.


For businesses everywhere, struggling to capture their employees’ time and productivity, the Screen Fiends infographic shows some exciting ways to engage employees, but also how to capture your customers’ attention.

  • Get social. Opt for social business tools, such as those from Jive Software®, for internal and external social collaboration. PGi is leading the way with PGiLife for global intranet and the iMeet Community and GlobalMeet Community for customer social engagement.
  • Content is king. Multimedia is the clear winning when it comes to engaging both your employees and customers in our new screen-based era of communications. Check out this free eBook, the Future of Business Collaboration, for some ideas.
  • Multimedia collaboration. People are communicating and connecting in more ways than ever before. For businesses, that means looking beyond the traditional methods of conference call and email, into the future of business communications. Conference calls, for example, now pack a new punch with tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet, which equip employees with ways to connect on phone, video and online, show multimedia files and connect personally through social media tools.

To learn more about the Future of Collaboration and how you can adapt to our Screen Fiend ways, check out the free eBook, The Future of Business Collaboration.


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