Weird, Interesting & Cool Ways People are Using Technology

Every day, we’re surrounded by innovative technology that improves and streamlines our personal and professional lives. Tech like smartphones, tablets, GPS systems and positioning sensors have given rise to new, context-sensitive applications for our hardware and software that give us the information we need when we need it.

However, beyond the practical business and personal implications of such technology lie the fringe use cases; weird, interesting and cool boundary-pushing uses for the every-day tech in our lives.

Mapping Your Insides During Surgery

You can use your iPad® for practically anything these days, from surfing Facebook to having business meetings online. But did you know they might be soon showing up in the OR?

Over the summer, a German surgeon became the first to conduct a surgery while utilizing an iPad and augmented reality to overlay the pre-op plan over the patient’s actual body. Be warned if Googling this story: the images are not friendly to weak stomachs!

Even Faster Food

On the subject of stomachs, several companies are experimenting with the usage of aerial drones for food delivery. And in fact, a restaurant chain in London is already doing it: YO! Sushi, a chain renowned for its interesting and innovative incorporation of technology into its service, is delivering its new burgers to customers flying on top of a drone:

Taking Farming to the Cloud

The agriculture industry has been embracing technology, particularly mobile tech, to collect and analyze data on their crops. Mobile apps are being use to keep track of weather and soil conditions, proactively prevent crop disease and even to measure farm costs and equipment usage.

Creating Touchscreens Anywhere

The Microsoft® Kinect® sensor, originally an accessory for the Xbox 360®, is a camera used for movement tracking, facial recognition, voice recognition and more. The Kinect has extended far beyond its original gaming-centric application thanks to a burgeoning “hacker” community integrating the Kinect’s tracking capabilities into a wide variety of software.

Ubi Interactive is one such company, combining a Kinect with a digital projector to turn any surface into a touchscreen:

Making the Plays

New and interesting use cases for Google’s first foray into wearable tech, Google Glass, are constantly being developed and unveiled.

During training camp this summer, the NFL’s St. Louis Rams became the first team to test out Google Glass on the practice field. Both quarterback Sam Bradford and receiver Tavon Austin ran plays while wearing Glass and recording their first-person view of the action.


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Photo Credit: Reuters

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