7 Random Facts About Global Information Workers

As an analyst relations professional I have taken numerous business trips and attended a wide variety of networking events. As many of you have experienced, networking events are not always as warm and fuzzy as the ridiculously photogenic crowd depicted in the invite, and unexpected conversation starters can be a great way to push past the initial awkwardness of meeting strangers. There is no better ice breaker with technology analysts and IT decision makers than an obscure technology factoid. Consider the seven strange-but-true facts below as sure-fire ways to start the conversation and speculate about coming trends for the New Year.

1. Where is the most likely place to find Apple users?  Latin America is the most likely region to find information workers using Apple technology.  53% of information workers use at least one Apple device.

2.  What regions prefer Android? Android is the preferred operating system in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Russia among information workers.

3. Access to Video Conferencing:  Whether it’s in a conference room or on a computer, information workers in Latin America have the most access to video conferencing.  They are 2 times more likely to have access to video conferencing that Europe.

4. BYOD Access:  SMB’s are 10% more likely to support a BYOD program than Enterprise organizations.

5. With great responsibility comes…a greater number of conference calls:  Director level workers and above are twice as likely as individual workers to join a conference call every day, and more than 3 times more likely to spend at least an hour per day on conference calls.

6. Which country uses mobile phones for work most often?  82% of Russian information workers talk on a mobile phone for at least 15 minutes each day for work.  Only 45% of Europeans talk on a mobile phone for at least 15 minutes each day for work.

7. Email in Latin America:  Hotmail is the preferred email provider among Latin American information workers.   42% choose Hotmail to be their internet provider.

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Statistics for this blog were taken from Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q4 2012, Forrester Research, Inc., 2012


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