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Building the Best Presentation Game Plan

When executed correctly, presentations can be a powerful tool that can bring a crowd to their feet and leave them wanting more. The problem is—this rarely happens. We’ve all attended a bad presentation. Over three million bad PowerPoint presentations happen every day. According to a recent PGi survey, 80 percent of attendees have checked email during a presentation, 60 percent sent texts and 31 percent left early.

Follow these five tips to score big with your next presentation:

  • Get a game plan

Decide the purpose of your presentation. Do you want to inform your audience about a product, story or project? Your purpose, or your BIG IDEA, is your star quarterback. Once you’ve firmly established your intentions, you’ll be on your way to a winning presentation.

  • Don’t fumble

Be prepared to answer any tough questions that may arise from the audience. When building your presentation, brainstorm all possible objections and insert positive responses. You don’t want anything or anyone to distract you from presenting your BIG IDEA.

  • Call an audible

In today’s global workforce, collaboration is becoming increasingly more important. If an audience member proposes a great suggestion during your presentation, encourage the new idea. You can meet with that person later and work together to grow your BIG IDEA to an even greater idea.

  • Try some fancy footwork

Sometimes you may have to try something different to keep the attention of the crowd. If you know your presentation may run a little long, order some food and drink. It will help keep energy levels high. If you have some remote attendees, try an online meeting tool like iMeet. Meet face-to-face with up to 15 people in HD video, show multimedia files and share your screen to make the meeting more interactive and fun.

  • Watch the Clock

With attention spans at an all-time low, it’s important that you manage your time wisely. After a short intro and presentation of a small idea, you should spend most of your time discussing the BIG IDEA. However, it’s important to keep a close eye on your audience. Consider calling a timeout if the crowd gets bored.

Once the presentation is over, it’s time to reflect and see how you did. Identify the powerful moments that can be used in future presentations. Also, recognize your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. These notes will help you prepare for your next campaign.

Do you think you’re ready to plan a winning presentation that will make the crowd go wild? For more great tips, advice and techniques on how to build a presentation that scores big, download our free eBook: Presentation Playbook.

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