Security and Sensitive Information: How to Collaborate Securely

With so much information being shared between individuals and companies online, the security of exchanged data is paramount. Audio and web conferencing in particular can be dangerous if not properly secured. Proprietary industry information, corporate financial data, product and marketing strategies—these all are shared virtually in our new mobile, interconnected work environments.

The protection of that data is two-fold: the underlying network infrastructure, software and hardware must be hardened against attack and with resiliency in place, but the tools themselves also have to offer features to end users to control their privacy and data.

Security Through Technology

Free, consumer-level solutions might seem appealing to your budget, but they come with a very high security risk. These services lack the security and encryption infrastructures to protect vital company data. Enterprise-grade solutions like iMeet®, GlobalMeet® and GlobalMeet Audio are all fortified against intrusion, supported with industry-standard security technologies on both hardware and software sides. We utilize Intrusion Detection Systems to monitor and prevent attacks, primary and secondary firewalls on our Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections and all web-based communications are encrypted with Transport Layer Security, to name a few.

For PGi data centers, strict processes are in place to limit both physical and remote access to our network hardware, and we have formal procedures in place to grant, modify and revoke such access. Additionally, all of our data centers are built with redundant architecture, assuring that your services are available and secured at all times.

User-Facing Security Measures

While the security of the underlying technology is the provider’s responsibility, it’s also important that customers are aware of the user-facing security features of their collaboration software. There are several steps you can (and should) take if you’re concerned about the sensitivity of the data in your meetings. Your conference calls or web conferences can be secured with user-created security keys. You can “lock” your web or audio meetings once all of the appropriate participants have joined. The most important thing you can do is educate yourself—read the user guides and visit support communities to learn best practices specific to your collaboration tool of choice.

Trusted, Secure Collaboration

You don’t have to take my word on PGi’s security infrastructure. We provide collaboration services for over 40,000 enterprise customers around the world, including 75% of the Fortune™ 100. These are some of the most important companies in the world, and the security of their information is absolutely vital to their continued operations. We work tirelessly to ensure this security, constantly testing our own systems, upgrading our security and encryption technologies and evolving our response and readiness processes.

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