Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Innovation in the 21st Century

PGi has always been committed to leveraging creativity and innovation in order to design and produce the most intuitive and effective collaboration tools in the world. Our entire management team and all of our associates are firm believers in the power of innovation and how it can change all of our personal and professional lives for the better.

In the video below, educationalist Sir Ken Robinson discusses several key insights about creativity and innovation in our modern society. He believes that creativity and innovation are not accidental or serendipitous occurrences; on the contrary, they can be taught and achieved as systematic, operational ideas.

A few of Sir Robinson’s insights that resonated with me:

  1. Creativity is a process, not a moment. Your ideas have to be worked on over time – and often end up looking very different at the end.
  2. One of the keys to creativity is having new ideas; not necessarily new to the world, but new to you.
  3. Creativity is useless without value. Throughout the process, you have to constantly be testing the validity of your idea.

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