4 Essential Items for your Holiday Workation

Traffic is light, offices are quiet and email is slow. You only have a few more days of down time until things start to pick up again. This is the perfect time to use the rest of those vacation days that you never had time for earlier in the year.

Sometimes it can be hard to completely separate yourself from the office. The thought of not having access to your emails, calendar and voicemail can make some a little anxious. Thanks to innovative technology, you can remain connected to the office while you’re away.

Thirty-seven percent of those polled during a recent PGi survey said they use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to stay connected to the office while away on vacation. Although you may not want to use all three devices, there are four essential items you should have with you if you want to have a successful workation over the holidays.

1.      Your device of choice

Decide which device you want to use while away and make sure you have it. Forty percent depend on their smartphones, followed by 11 percent who rely on their laptops and four percent who prefer their tablets.  Whichever device you select, make sure you have all the necessary accessories. You need all your power cords, headphones, batteries, cases, etc.

 2.      Wi-Fi

After you’ve made sure you will have access to the internet, you need to make sure it will be reliable. There is nothing more frustrating than working with internet that is spotty at best. If you’re not sure of the situation, consider investing in a personal hotspot so you won’t have to depend on anyone else.

 3.      Appropriate web conferencing apps

Just because you’re out of office, doesn’t mean you can’t be reached. State-of-the-art web conferencing apps like iMeet and GlobalMeet allow you to meet face-to-face for last minute meetings even if you happen to be miles away from the office.

4.      Remember your purpose

It’s vital that you remember that you are on vacation. Spend most of your time relaxing and not thinking about the office. If you just want to keep an eye on things while away, simply check your email briefly in the morning or late at night. Do you plan on working a little bit more while away? Find some quiet time when your family isn’t doing much. This helps you focus on your work and not miss out on family time.

Whether you decided to go away for the holidays or you’re just spending some quiet time at home, it’s nice to know that you don’t necessarily have to go into the office to get your work done.

Photo courtesy of: Kolin Toney

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