On the Eleventh Day of Telework my Workation Gave to Me the Freedom to Work and Still Party

With the holidays upon us and the last few work days winding down, our thoughts turn to some well-earned quality vacation time with family and friends. However, modern technology has caused our vacations to look very different. Earlier this year, we conducted a survey of our customers, soliciting over 500 responses about work habits while on vacation and found that 40% of employees are checking in with work multiple times a day while on vacation.

While at first glance these numbers might seem like an encroachment of work on our home lives, the flexibility of telework can actually mean the opposite, giving us the freedom to spend more time with our families by avoiding commutes or long hours stuck at the office. This can be particularly powerful during the holiday season, when time at home is so precious to us all, even if we’re spending a few of those hours answering emails and attending virtual meetings.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of time off to rejuvenate your team, and as we approach year’s end, I know we’re all feeling the weight of 2013’s hard work. So, in the spirit of the season, my 12 Days of Telework message to my team and to all of you is this: make the most of this time of year. Whether you’re trying to make time for your friends’ tacky sweater party or you simply need to be home with the kids once school holidays begin, telework can make it all possible or, at the very least, a little easier.

If telecommuting gives you that extra hour with your friends and loved ones that you would’ve spent stuck in holiday traffic, then it’s more than worth adjusting your work habits and collaboration tools to fit a remote work style.

And as always, the PGi team is here to help.

Happy Holidays!

About Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is PGi’s Chief Administrative Officer. He oversees the company’s Legal, HR and Program Management organizations and manages Corporate Development, M&A and Acquisition Integration. In addition, Mr. O’Brien leads Corporate Strategy, Executive Communications and Global Facilities Management.

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