On the Sixth Day of Telework my Company Gave to Me a Killer Holiday Party

We’ve been bringing you the 12 Days of Telework theme because we’re firm believers in the power of virtual collaboration here at PGi.

Oh wait, this is about teleworking, right? Why are we promoting the value of a holiday party? To be honest, teleworking for your company holiday party just seems wrong. You might save money by using virtual tools for a holiday party – no need for a new outfit or a baby sitter or a caterer. But a virtual party isn’t as fun as a real life party.

To be a successful telecommuter you still have to know when to show up.

There is a time and place for everything: a virtual event is wonderful for client presentations, staff meetings or benefits roll outs. And if you physically cannot attend a fun event because of inclement weather or illness, online tools save the day and let you say ‘hello’ and participate remotely. However, in my view, a holiday party is a time to honor the season, show your gratitude to colleagues and hopefully have a little fun along the way. And it is way cooler to be there—in person.

Especially if there are Christmas sweaters.

At PGi, we know that virtual meeting tools aren’t right for every situation. And showing up for the holiday party is always the right move.

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