On the Tenth Day of Telework my Amex Gave to Me an Online Shopping Spree

Admit it. You know you do it. In fact, by last count, about 86% of us probably do. Online shopping—at work. And now, online shopping at telework.

A recent RetailMeNot survey revealed our online shopping tendencies during the holiday rush, taken to a peak during the infamous Cyber Monday:

  • 86% of working consumers admitted to shopping online while at work
  • 25% planned to spend 4+ hours shopping online during work hours

To teleworkers and flex workers (aka part-time office and remote), we often feel guilty about slacking off at all during work hours. We’re lucky enough to work from home, so we need always be “on” to make sure our bosses know we’re responsible enough to be productive outside the office.

This thinking is wrong, people! In the eBook, Yin + Yang of Telecommuting, the major issues with teleworkers is being overworked and stressed out because the working day never seems to stop. There are no cubicles or corner offices to leave work for the evening or weekend. A teleworker’s laptop is always just a room away and smartphone always in a back pocket. Online shopping during the “telework day” can actually provide a break away from the telecommuting grind and reduce some pent-up holiday stress as you check your list – and check it twice.

Hey, now, don’t take this to be a free pass for spending hours of slacking in your home office. And definitely check your company’s electronic use policy before Googling to your heart’s desire. But a couple minutes spent updating your Amazon wish list, snagging your niece’s favorite toy and even buying yourself a little something sure can make the holiday season a little brighter.

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