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Personalize Your Virtual Meeting Space

Work as we know it is beginning to change. Traditional office workers are beginning to trade in their cubes for home offices. Teleworking is on the rise and many people are enjoying their new flexible work schedules. They’re able to complete their work from more convenient places, save money and spend more time with their families—a perfect solution to a healthy work-life balance.

Although being a teleworker may have multiple advantages, it can sometimes get lonely. With departments and teams sometimes spread all over the country, it can be difficult to create and maintain a fun, positive working relationship with your colleagues.

In traditional office environments, members of the same department usually sit together. Individuals show their personalities by decorating their cubes with pictures, mementos and other decorative objects.

When working from a remote location, you aren’t able to show off your family pictures and trinkets. Fortunately, web conferencing products like iMeet® allow you to personalize your virtual cubes.

Room URL

When meeting with your team, you can get creative and change your URL to something imaginative. Having trouble making up your mind? You can change your URL as often as you like. Just make sure you remember to change it to something more professional when meeting with a client or someone who is outside of the company.


PGi provides several different backgrounds you can choose from. Various backgrounds include city skylines, a forrest and other peaceful images.  Depending on which background you choose, you may occasionally see a bird fly across your screen, or a puff of smoke rising from a smokestack in the distance.  During these last few weeks of cold weather in Atlanta, I chose the beach scene as my background. A girl can dream right?

Room name

Whether you want your room to be known as the “Think Tank” or simply “My Meeting Room” you have your choice. You can name your room whatever you like. Is someone on your team celebrating a birthday? Edit your room name and wish them a happy birthday. They’ll be surprised when they sign in your meeting room.

Just because your meeting virtually doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with your colleagues. It’s nice to be able to decorate your virtual meeting space just like you would decorate your cube.

Would you like to know more about other iMeet features that can help you? Check out our iMeet tips on PGi’s  YouTube page.

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Originally from Florida, Lorna moved to Atlanta to join the PGi team. In between trying to get used to Atlanta traffic and the crazy weather, she spends her free time playing with her dog, Mylo. Lorna enjoys writing about online collaboration tools and meeting tips.

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