Unveil 3 Secrets to a Great Online Job Interview

Many companies are beginning to conduct online job interviews. These types of interviews are growing in popularity because they offer multiple advantages for the employer and the job candidate.

Online meeting tools make it possible for companies to no longer have to plan or pay for candidates to travel to the office for an interview. Job seekers also gets the opportunity to interview from a less stressful environment—their home.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming online job interview, make sure you practice these three tips so you can perform well.

1. Practice

Career advisers have always stressed that job seekers should review typical questions and rehearse their answers. However, online meeting tools add another layer to manage. As well as answer questions accurately, you also need to make sure the camera is in the correct position.

The camera orientation should be adjusted to sit just above your hairline. This will ensure you are looking up at the camera and will encourage you to maintain good posture throughout the interview. It’s also important to look directly into the camera when speaking, to give a sense of eye contact with the interviewer. It may feel strange at first, but that’s why you practice.

Watching a playback of your practice interview will show you all the things you need to improve upon. Do this a few times and you will be ready for the actual interview.

2. Dress professionally

If you wouldn’t wear certain clothing to an in-person interview, follow the same rule for virtual interviews. Dressing professionally from head to toe will help you remain focused on the discussion and prevent you from accidentally showing off your casual bottoms.

You may have to stand from your seat to grab something or to adjust the camera and you don’t want the interviewer to see your pajama bottoms. Planning out an outfit ahead of time will help give a good impression.

3. Tidy up

Although you may be having an interview in your home, having a disorganized room can reflect poorly on you. Conducting the call in a quiet setting with a clean, organized background will help show your professionalism.

Cleaning the entire area will alleviate any chances of the interviewer seeing clutter or anything else they shouldn’t be seeing. This will also help you focus on the conversation.

Job seekers across the U.S. are expanding their searches to areas outside of their communities. In-person interviews for such positions could become quite costly. Video conferencing makes it possible for the interview to take place in virtually any location and still help you make a solid impression on potential employers.

To learn more about the secrets to having a great face-to-face online job interview, make sure you read our infographic: The Future of Hiring.

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