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The Value of Online Job Interviews

There’s no denying that businesses are becoming more global. Innovative collaboration tools allow these businesses to keep productivity high while effectively working with clients and colleagues from around the world.

Hiring employees can sometimes become a challenge with global businesses. But, it’s a challenge that must be faced. Along with the New Year comes a new wave of hiring. January and February are two of the biggest months when it comes to hiring new employees. Holidays are over and the offices are bustling again. Finding and interviewing potential job candidates can be an overwhelming. This is especially true when your own responsibilities are beginning to pile high. Instead of spending the time or money it sometimes takes to bring a candidate into the office for an interview, some businesses have opted for phone interviews. Even though it’s much easier to pick up a phone, it’s not as effective as meeting face-to-face.

Meeting face-to-face allows you to build better relationships, leave lasting impressions and read important body language that would otherwise be lost. Thanks to web conferencing technology, you no longer have to sit in the same room to meet face-to-face.

Up to 93 percent of communication is non-verbal. This shows just how much context you can potentially lose when having a conversation via the telephone. When conducting an interview, employers can use video conferencing to their advantage.

  • Save time

Instead of spending an entire day stuck in your office conducting interviews, you can use an online meeting tool to meet candidates from wherever you may be at the time. With tools like iMeet, all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device and you can connect to your meeting within seconds.

  • Save money

Sometimes you may be interested in a candidate who is not conveniently located near the office. Instead of scheduling and paying for flight and ground transportation, the candidate can meet you from their home.

Web conferencing makes it possible for an employer to asses a candidate’s body language. Personal care and appearance are both important factors that should be considered when selecting a job candidate. An applicant who shows up to a video interview dressed sloppily shows that they are not taking the job seriously and they may not represent the company in a professional manner.

Video conferencing also allows an employer to evaluate eye contact, posture and expressions. Facial expressions can help an employer read between the lines. A furrowed brow can mean confusion, frowning can show that someone is uncomfortable and a smile can show positivity. You can also assess the candidate’s surroundings as well. Are they in a professional setting? Is their work space messy or organized? Comparing expectations about this person to his or her background can be very helpful.

There are many important non-verbal cues that can be missed when only using the telephone. Consider making the effort to meet face-to-face. Video conferencing can give you the necessary information to make the best possible decision.

Check out our infographic: Online Job Interviews to learn the secrets of a successful online interview.

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