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3 Reasons why Companies Allow Remote Work

The latest advances in technology have made it possible for employees to work from home, hotel rooms and even airports. By using smartphones, tablets and online meeting tools, people can work from just about anywhere. But, you may wonder why companies would allow their employees to work from places other than the office?

Here are three ways a company can benefit from remote work:

  • 1.    Access to a Larger Talent Pool
Companies are no longer limited to searching for applicants who are located near the office. It can prove difficult to search for employees with a specific skill set in a small geographical area. This way, companies can search near and far to find the ideal candidate.
  • 2.     Increased Availability
Sometimes we are faced with important deadlines or a to-do list that won’t stop growing. These deadlines and daily tasks can be difficult to complete when you have a driveway full of snow or a sick child at home. Telecommuting makes it possible for workers to remain productive even when they can’t leave the house.
Over these past few days here in Atlanta, I have not been able to drive to the office because of the icy road conditions. Nevertheless, I’ve attended all my scheduled meetings via iMeet, stayed connected with my team and even posted this blog.
  •  3.      Increase in Productivity
Distractions are sometimes welcomed. A quick conversation with a colleague can help give an employee a much needed break. However, there can be times when an individual needs to concentrate on finishing a project.
In most cases, offices are not the quietest places. It can be quite difficult to concentrate in an environment with conference calls on speakerphone, chatty neighbors and people constantly stopping by your desk to ask questions. Working from home makes it possible for employees to get away from office interruptions and concentrate in a quiet place.

Remember, remote work does not have to be a full-time commitment. Employees can work remotely for one day a week, only in emergencies or as needed.

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Originally from Florida, Lorna moved to Atlanta to join the PGi team. In between trying to get used to Atlanta traffic and the crazy weather, she spends her free time playing with her dog, Mylo. Lorna enjoys writing about online collaboration tools and meeting tips.

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