5 Fun Presentation Ideas | 5-Minute Webinar, Sponsored by iMeet

Looking for 5 fun presentations ideas you can master in just five minutes? Welcome to the inaugural “Webinar Wednesday” on the PGi blog!

Play the YouTube video below to hear my top five presentation ideas in this pre-recorded webinar, sponsored by (and filmed in) iMeet, PGi’s best-in-class online meeting software.

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5 Presentation Ideas to Spice Up Your Meetings Today:

  1. It’s Story Time! Your slide presentation should help you tell a story. Use the traditional storytelling elements to develop and organize your slides.
  2. Everyone Loves a Theme. Use background, font, layout, images and multimedia to tell your visual story, alongside your verbal story.
  3. Ditch the Slides. You are the key element in your presentations—not fancy charts or pretty pictures—so don’t be afraid to ditch the slides if they’re not adding value to your overall message.
  4. 10 Minutes, 1 Idea. The 60-minute, slide-after-slide-after-slide presentation is over, out, finished, people! It’s time to really think about the right message and the right timing to get your presentation purpose across.
  5. One More Thing. To see our “one more thing,” download the “Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas

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