Looking to increase employee productivity? It’s all about the smartphone

In today’s business environment many companies have become accustomed to the notion of having to do more with less.  Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to increase employee efficiency as well as productivity.  Providing employees with smartphones can be a cost effective way to accomplish this tough task.

If  your company has been debating whether or not to provide employees smartphones, these Business Technographics stats provided by @Forrester will squash the debate:

  1. 51% of people strongly agree that using a smartphone for work makes them more productive, while only 2% strongly disagree.
  2. 41% of people surveyed feel strongly that having a smartphone makes it much easier to get their job down.
  3. 39% of people are more likely to work outside of business hours and 72% of people will use their smartphone for work at home.
  4. 23% of people would happily purchase apps on their smartphone with their own money if they would help them get their job done.


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