Nerd Alert: Defeating FOMO with Content Curation Apps and Tricks

One of the biggest challenges of living in our connected society is wading through the sea of content we’re faced with every day. We are bombarded by content from every direction online. Our friends share funny videos on Facebook, a colleague posts a market analysis on LinkedIn, the non-stop fire hose known as Twitter rolls on—it’s intimidating, but it’s also one of the primary benefits of online living. Things are rarely boring.

For knowledge workers, it can be tempting (and in fact, often beneficial) to take a mental break here and there and dive into one or more of our various content streams. However, it’s easy to start drowning; you can’t waste your entire day reading Buzzfeed articles, but the Fear of Missing Out (a.k.a. FOMO) will often rear its ugly head.

Take heart, Nerd Alert fans; there are several intuitive, dead-simple ways to curate your own content streams for later viewing. Here are my picks for techniques and apps to help wrangle your streams and stay productive at work, avoiding the dreaded FOMO:


Flipboard has always been a great destination to discover and curate content to match your interests, aggregating your social media accounts with content sites from across the web to create an experience that is uniquely yours.

However, the personal curation potential of Flipboard exploded with the addition of personal magazines. Did you know you can create a private, personal Flipboard magazine all your own? Then, throughout the day you can “flip” interesting content into it and review when you’ve got time, all through Flipboard’s remarkably intuitive interface.

Did you know that PGi has its own Flipboard magazine, covering business, technology and collaboration trends? Subscribe to “The Future of Business Collaboration” today and don’t miss a single flip!

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Pocket is my personal go-to app for curating my content throughout the day. It’s one of a number of “read it later” style apps, where you can save and tag any content you find on the web for later viewing. Pocket pulls the text from articles into an easy-to-read format for mobile devices, making it great to pull things up later on your smartphone or tablet.

But the killer feature that has made Pocket my app of choice is the integration with Google Chrome. With the Pocket App for Chrome, a button is added to my web browser to let me “pocket” anything I’m viewing with a single click. I can then read it later through the Chrome app in a simple, well-designed interface. It really doesn’t get any easier.


Emailing things to yourself is a bit of an old-school content curation method, but who says you can’t teach an old app new tricks? I was constantly emailing myself links throughout the day, but I found they’d get buried under all of my other email. The solution? Create a “Sent to Self” filter in Gmail or folder in Outlook. This will put anything you email to yourself in one place so you always know where to find it. I only recently made this change in my Gmail and it’s made a huge difference in the ease of emailing things to myself.

So those are the apps and tricks I use—what about you? How are you battling FOMO throughout your day? Leave a comment below or tweet me @writerwin and share your tricks!

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